About Criticised

Criticised is a casual social guild, where it is natural that IRL comes before WoW. We only require 50% attendance, spread out over a one month period. We aim to do progress, but raiding on mythic difficulty is a bonus for us. It is nothing we will aim for. Our goals is to have fun and enjoyable raids in a relaxed environment where everyone does their part. As many of us have IRL priorities, raids end at 22.00 and that is it. The guild uses DKP loot system and Teamspeak where we share a great many of good laughs. Outside of raids we have a fun social community where we help each other out with instances, quests, challenge modes, professions or running old instances for achievements or gear for transmogrification. 

Currently we are not looking for more players to beef up our raiding team, check the list on the left-hand side to see what we are looking for atm.

We have scheduled raids on:

Wednesdays(19.00-22.00), Thursdays(19.00-22.00), and Sundays (19.00-22.00) server time. 


Progress in previous expansions:

Warlords of Draenor heroic:

13/13 HFC, 10/10 BRF, 7/7 HM


14/14 SoO, 12/12 ToT, 4/4 ToES, 6/6 HoF, 6/6 MSV


3/8 DS, 7/7 FL, 5/6 BWD , 2/2 ToFW and 4/4 BoT


We got 12/12 down in ICC 10normal and 9/12 10HC. Halion was also defeated. We cleared ToC 10 during the coliseum patch and later got 5/5 down in ToGC with 49/50 attempts left as our record (which was also our first try in there). We killed Onyxia10man at the release day. The guild also got 13/14 down in Ulduar 10man back in "the days".

Our requirements for raids is that we want people to read up on tactics on encounters that are new to them. This has been proven to work in the past and we are sure that it will in the future aswell.

However, our guild-bank provides the raids with flasks and supports with free repairs. So how about joining to kill some new bosses in WoD with us?

If you are interested in joining us then make an apply and we will get back to you ASAP. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to talk to an officer in-game.

Have fun in the guild, keep an eye on the forum, sign up and show up for raids!

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by R3INO, 2 days ago

Do you know whats definition of insanity? Starting fight over and over again, expecting different result! She learned that in the end...

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by R3INO, 5 days ago

His feeble mind couldn't comprehend our power.

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by R3INO, 16 days ago

Dreadlord is again sent to twisting nether to his baddy buddies!


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by R3INO, 19 days ago

Gaze in the stars and you might catch glimpse of Criticised magic.

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